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Le sigh

What are we now but voices
who promise each other
a life neither one can deliver
not for lack of wanting
but wanting can't make it so.
We hang from a vine
at a cliff's edge.
There are tigers above
and below. Let us love
one another and let go.

~ Eliza Griswold, The New Yorker

I love this poem because I think it exemplifies our inevitable fate, and I've always had a great fondness for sad poetry. I've always felt that literature that evokes sadness is always more beautiful and poignant than anything cheery. It's a shame that in spite of our protests and wishes, we know it will have to come to this. I will be absolutely depressed the day I lose my confidant, my intellectual companion, my fellow lover of obscure films and music, my wonderful best friend. I wish the day would never come.

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A few days ago, I listened to the mp3s available on your personal website (cheers to Cat Stevens originals). I thought you might also enjoy "Ruby Tuesday" by The Rolling Stones, as well as "Stephanie Says" and "Sunday Morning" by the Vevet Underground.

(They can all be freely streamed via Radioblog.)

First, I adore writings from The New Yorker.

Second, I'll concede to the sentiment expressed in the poem, even though I feel that it is extremely difficult to let go of a single person whom we profoundly cherish and love.

Thank you for the Rolling Stones recommendation! And also for the Velvet Underground recommendations, though, I already have those. They're great :)

Oh, so do I. Have you read anything from The American Scholar? Don't let the stuffy name fool you--it's really a random collection of essays on various topics (some quirkier than others). Unfortunately, Anne Fadiman (a wonderful writer) is no longer the editor, but it's still pretty good.

And with your last point, I agree completely...

If you could read portuguese you would love Augusto dos Anjos. His poetry isn't just sad, it really is nauseating. :)

Also, you should search for Florbela Espanca poetry. Its pretty sad.

Hehe thanks for the recommendations! I'll surely check them out. Though, I don't think I want to bum myself out too much as I'm having a pretty good day thus far ;)

Haha, I know! I had to read them for school though. They're very important for portuguese literature. I'm a pretty positive person myself. hehe


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Hi All


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